Email Data The MarketTouch Direct email database contains 140 million plus opt in email records, and it is growing every day. This file is comprised of people who have opted into various online offers and provided their email address to receive marketing offers. IP address as well as date and time stamps are available. This file is NCOA processed as well as appended with other demographic and lifestyle data.
Homeowner Data MarketTouch Direct houses the premier Homeowner Database on the market today. Our database is aggregated from over 17 sources including, Warranty Deeds, Security Deeds, Tax Assessor Information, Lis Pendens, and many others to create the most up to date and comprehensive view of owned U.S. properties. Our clients utilize our Homeowner Data to create specialized mailing lists to their target markets.
Mortgage Data With over 72 million records, MarketTouch Direct's Mortgage database is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. Our Mortgage database is ideal for targeting FHA/VA borrowers for streamline campaigns and/or HARP programs, conventional borrowers in need of rate and term refinancing, or home equity borrowers.
Automotive Data MarketTouch Direct has been specializing in Auto Data for over a decade. Our data is multi-sourced from verified consumer transactions with Name, Address, Make, Model, Year and VIN # available. MarketTouch Direct's Auto Data is fully compliant with privacy laws, making it perfect for your automotive service, warranty, retail and insurance marketing efforts.companies, and offer complete protection from mechanical breakdown repairs.