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Save $250!
*** 5,000 ARMs to FHA Now just $750 ***

Focus Your Energy on Prospects Who Qualify For The New HUD backed

FHASecure Program

MarketTouch is pleased to announce “ARMS to FHA”, a prospecting database that targets your most likely prospects for the newly announced FHASecure program.

All records in this database have origination date ranges between 2003 and 2007 and purchase amounts less than $416K, with jumbo’s excluded. Custom dates and criteria are available on request.

These highly responsive homeowners are in need of refinancing before their loans reset.

Based on this, we have sorted this lead database by initial adjustment ranges between 2006 and 2009 and subsequent adjustment date ranges between 2007 and 2010. Criteria can be further modified to fit your individual needs.

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Popular Filters:

  • Geo: All US
  • Mortgage Amount Range – $100k to $417k
  • Loan To Value (LTV) – <90%
  • Seasoning – 18 to 36 Months


“I mailed 20,000 letters with you and received over 350 calls and closed over 25 lloans. Send out another 20k for me.”
Scott, CA

“I purchased a list of just 5,000 leads from you as a test and we closed more than 10 loans. Thanks to your leads we’ve increased our closing ratios even in this down market.”
George, CT

“We have been with you guys for almost ten years. We’ve tried many other data providers only to find ourselves coming back to you time and time again.”
Chris, GA

“I was using those warehouse leads and was getting several disconnects. Your data and customer service is above and beyond everyone else in the business.”
Jim, FL



ARMs to FHA Prospects Promotion
5,000 $750
10,000 $1,400
25,000 $3,000
50,000 $5,000
100,000 $7,000
250,000 $12,250


Getting Started:


Please fill out the form on the right to create your custom list. We will run counts and contact you as soon as possible. If you wish to speak to a mortgage marketing specialist Call us at 877-569-3837.

If you wish to purchase leads for telemarketing we will need your FTC Subscription Account Number (SAN). You can download the SAN Instructions and then visit the website to obtain your number.

The Do Not Call registry allows you to have 5 area codes for free and then charges you $54 per area code thereafter. Once you obtain your SAN, please fax us a copy of your “User ID and Downloader Password” page from the website.

MarketTouch scrubs your list against the Federal Do Not Call Registry and it’s good for 30 days at which time you will be responsible for keeping the list up to date. We can re-scrub your list for a nominal fee.

Turnkey Direct Mail

If wish to have MarketTouch handle your Direct Mail campaign for you click here to create your customized Turnkey Direct Mail Program.

Pricing includes data, design, print, packaging, call tracking, and postage.

Quantity Price per Piece Total
5,000 0.66 $3,300
10,000 0.64 $6,400
20,000 0.59 $11,800
50,000 0.55 $27,500
100,000 0.52 $52,000