About Us

About Us!

Since 1995, MarketTouch Direct has been a powerful force in the Marketing Services arena. We have a passion to provide clients with relevant and responsive data and dependable services so they are better able to meet their business goals and initiatives and gain a competitive edge in today’s market. Give us your biggest challenge – we will exceed your expectations!

Our Products and Services, including, but certainly not limited to Data Solutions, List Management Services, Email Marketing and Direct Marketing Solutions have been and are used by thousands of companies to ensure their success in today’s ever changing business environment.

We make it our business to understand your business. By doing so, we are able to work together to ensure you are reaching your target audience with accurate data and/or precise media, engaging your clients and ultimately generating more dollars for your bottom line. A partnership guaranteed by results.

Most importantly, we know that our clients are the reason for our success and we always regard their satisfaction as our most important goal!