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Our Daily Trigger File Delivers Yesterdays’ 1003′s To You Today!

MarketTouch now offers Triggers from all three credit bureaus. The credit bureaus evaluate their national consumer credit files with over 200 million consumers to identify only those who have applied for a mortgage loan.

This national database will enable mortgage lenders to identify the latest, freshest credit-worthy prospects that have self-identified themselves to be in the market for a mortgage loan.

The new daily mortgage hotline file gives you the best opportunity to generate the highest quality prospects each day.

  • Updated daily
  • Up to 30 days aging if desired
  • Pre-approved offer is required
  • No long-term commitment
  • Nationwide coverage

** This data is not intended to represent credit bureau information and should not be used to make credit based decisions.

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“I started with 10k Triggers with you and now I’m taking all you have in my states, keep’em coming.”
Jeff, FL

“We were using your weekly triggers with great success, we added an additional 6 states, increased our volume, switched to your Daily trigger program, and we’re now seeing a huge increase in response rates.”
Jennifer, NC

“It is such a pleasure to work with you. I’ve bought hundreds of thousands of leads and by far these are the best leads we have ever used. Keep up the good work.”
Sean, CA

“I got 2 deals on the first 20 calls I made, I can’t believe how good these leads are.”
Curt, FL

“I use to pay $3 to $5 for triggers. Now I’m getting the same return at 90% off what I was paying. I only wish I had found you sooner.”
Curt, FL



Daily Trigger Records Promotion
1,000 $1000
2,500 $1,875
5,000 $2,500
10,000 $4,000
15,000 $4,500
25,000 $7,500
50,000+ Call


Getting Started:

Credit Bureau Membership ID

To purchase Triggers and other credit score data you will need to obtain a Membership ID from one of the credit bureaus. If you currently have a membership ID you may submit this pre-approval form to see if you qualify.

If you do not have a membership ID you may obtain one by filling out and signing the necessary documents below. It is very important that you fill out all areas on the application and sign all requested signature areas on all forms. Any missing information will delay the process. You can download the entire application in a zip format or individually below.

To obtain membership from the credit bureau please follow these instructions for completing the application:

  • Credit Bureau Application for Services (Download, fill out, sign and Fax in with items below)
  • Credit Bureau Non Disclosure – Additional processing Agreement (Download, fill out, sign and Fax in with items below)
  • Sales Agent End User Agreement (Download, fill out, sign and Fax in with items below)
  • Letter of Intent to receive pre-screen data.
  • Copy of Business or Broker’s License
  • Copy of Office or Building Lease (if not owned only the pages including terms & signatures)
  • Copy of Driver’s License (please send enlarged or scanned copy)
  • Copy of Recent phone bill (only the page with company name, address & phone number is needed – company information on the bill should match the application)

Once we receive all documentation, the process takes approximately 7-14 business days. Original paperwork is required by the credit bureau. When the faxed paperwork is approved, we will request that you send the original documents to us. There is no cost for applying for a membership ID.

We will need your Direct Mail Piece if you plan on mailing or Phone Script if you plan on telemarketing. Here is a Sample Mail Piece with the necessary credit bureau opt-out information and Phone Script you may edit or use. We will need you to submit one or both of these with your application.


FTC Subscription Account Number (SAN)

If you wish to purchase leads for telemarketing we will need your FTC Subscription Account Number (SAN). You can download the SAN Instructions and then visit the website to obtain your number.

The Do Not Call registry allows you to have 5 area codes for free and then charges you $54 per area code thereafter. Once you obtain your SAN, please fax us a copy of your “User ID and Downloader Password” page from the website.

MarketTouch scrubs your list against the Federal Do Not Call Registry and it’s good for 30 days at which time you will be responsible for keeping the list up to date. We can re-scrub your list for nominal fee.