Database Management

Database Management

• Address Standardization – We will CASS certify your database.  The resulting file is zip+4 certified for postal savings and formatted to the most deliverable standards.

• NCOA – When the customer list is run through the National Change Of Address process, all addresses of individuals who have moved are updated with their new address and all duplicate addresses are eliminated.

 Merge/Purge – Propriety software analyzes your database for duplicate records.

• Data Enhancement – Demographic and lifestyle information is appended to the customer record, i.e., age, income, gender, marital status, homeowner, presence of children, income, home value, etc.

• Database Build – The final database is then created  based on individual client specifications.

• Database Analytics and Modeling –We are equipped to help clients through all phases of marketing, including prospect and acquisition marketing, strategic segmentation, in both the on-line and off-line behavior.