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Save $250!
*** 5,000 Loan Modification Leads $750 ***

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling

Over 2 Million Homeowners are Facing Foreclosure and Need Your Help!!!

Our Highly Responsive Modification Predictor File targets prospects who may qualify for one of the many Loan Modification or Loss Mitigation Programs available to homeowners. Loan Modification Specialists, Loss Mitigation Firms, Short Sale Specialists and Real Estate Investors are all generating Huge ROI’s from this exceptional file.

These Highly Responsive Homeowners are in Need of a Loan Modification Before They Lose Their Home!

This proprietary mortgage data model uses summarized credit information to pinpoint homeowners who are perfect candidates for loan modification. Target borrowers with LTV’s greater than 100%, declining sub prime trade history, and presence of an initial or subsequent adjustable rate mortgage reset.

** This data is not intended to represent credit bureau information and should not be used to make credit based decisions.

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Popular Filters:

  • Geo: All US
  • Mortgage Amount Range – $100k+
  • Loan To Value (LTV) – 95%+
  • Seasoning – 12 months
  • Rate Type – ARM
  • Lender – Subprime

Other Selections:

  • Full Name – Street Address – City – State – Zip + 4
  • Telephone Numbers – Mortgage Open Dates – Rate Type
  • Loan Amounts – LTV – Current Home Value
  • Modeled Credit Score Range – Income
  • Probability of Mortgage Late



“I mailed 10,000 letters with you, received over 680 calls and modified more than 40 loans. We’re doubling our order this month.”
Larry, MD

“I bought 5,000 leads from and generated over $50,000 in revenue. Business is booming.”
Paul, AZ

“I can’t believe the number of calls I’m getting from your Loan Mod Mailer. After spending 10 years in the mortgage business I’ve never seen these response rates. The Loan Modification Business and your leads have brought us back from extinction.”
Bob, MI

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Greg, IL



Loan Modification Prospects Promotion
5,000 $750
10,000 $1,400
25,000 $2,400
50,000 $5,000
100,000 $7,000
250,000 $12,250


Getting Started:

Loan Modification Leads

Please fill out the form on the right to create your custom list. We will run counts and contact you as soon as possible. If you wish to speak to a mortgage marketing specialist Call us at 877-569-3837.

If you wish to purchase leads for telemarketing we will need your FTC Subscription Account Number (SAN). You can download the SAN Instructions and then visit the website to obtain your number.

The Do Not Call registry allows you to have 5 area codes for free and then charges you $54 per area code thereafter. Once you obtain your SAN, please fax us a copy of your “User ID and Downloader Password” page from the website.

MarketTouch scrubs your list against the Federal Do Not Call Registry and it’s good for 30 days at which time you will be responsible for keeping the list up to date. We can re-scrub your list for nominal fee.

Turnkey Loan Mod Mailers

If you wish to have MarketTouch handle your Loan Mod campaign for you click here to create your customized Turnkey Load Mod Program.

Pricing includes data, design, print, packaging, call tracking, and postage.

Quantity Price per Piece Total
5,000 0.68 $3,400
10,000 0.66 $6,600
20,000 0.62 $12,400
50,000 0.57 $28,500
100,000 0.55 $54,000


Live Transfer Loan Modification Leads

100% Exclusive

Don’t have time to call? Looking for Hot Leads? We generate double verified leads from our outbound telemarketing campaigns. We can create a custom inbound lead generation campaign that fits your business. Just sit back and we’ll deliver the leads to you. Spend more of your valuable time modifying loans instead of chasing them.

Features 100% exclusivity, USA based call center, Immediate, 12-24 hour delivery or Live Transfers, available. Double verified to assure accuracy. Sample Criteria: 100K+ Loan Amount, behind on their mortgage, High LTV, Turned down for refinancing, adjustable rate mortgage, No mobile home, no BK, no foreclosure, all refinance. High closing ratios!

Quantity Live Transfers
100 $65
200 $60
350 $55
500 $50
1000+ Call for pricing


Internet Loan Modification Leads

Exclusive and Semi Exclusive

MarketTouch has the most effective Internet Loan Modification Leads available for companies looking for modification candidates. Our Exclusive and Semi-exclusive Internet Generated Leads are generated through reputable websites, portals, PPC and opt-in email marketing to increase quality and limit rate-shopping homeowners. Prospective modification candidates complete a qualifying form that is delivered to you in real time with an IP address and a day/time submission stamp. Selections include months behind, credit rating, loan amounts, states and more.

Quantity Exclusive Internet Leads Semi Exclusive Internet Leads
100 $30 $20
200 $28 $18
350 $26 $16
500 $25 $15
1000 Call for pricing Call for pricing