No matter what type of industry you are marketing to, Insurance, Mortgage, Home Improvement/Remodeling, Appliance Sales, etc., a Homeowner File is a critical element in your marketing campaign.

MarketTouch Direct houses the premier Homeowner Database on the market today.  Our database is aggregated from over 17 sources including, Warranty Deeds, Security Deeds, Tax Assessor Information, Lis Pendens, and many others to create the most up to date and comprehensive view of owned U.S. properties.

Our clients utilize our Homeowner Data to create specialized mailing lists to their target markets.  Some, but certainly not all of our selections include credit type, length in current residence, LTV (Loan To Value) Ratio, Age, Market value of Home, Estimated Revolving Debt, Mortgage Amount, Mortgage Open Date, Year Built, FHA/VA Selections and many more.  Of course criteria can be configured to meet specific client/industry needs.