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Our Highly Targeted Mortgage and Loan Modification Mailers Get Results!

Full Color Mortgage &
Loan Modification Mailers

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Tested & Proven Mortgage & Loan Modification Mailers

Direct mail is your most viable resource for generating top quality mortgage leads. Since direct mail prospects call you, these leads turn into closed loans. Yet some companies find direct mail can be difficult to manage.

  • Who do you market to?
  • What type of mail piece should you use?
  • How can you maximize your ROI?
  • How do you sustain inbound call volume?
  • How many pieces do you need to mail?
  • How much will it cost?

That’s where MarketTouch comes in. MarketTouch knows the productivity in your office depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. MarketTouch emerged from the mortgage business. We recognize and understand your industry. Let our experience increase your rate of return. Then you can spend more of your time closing deals.

Take immediate advantage of MarketTouch’s vast direct mail experience with a complete Turn-Key Direct Mail Campaign. We mail millions of direct mail pieces per month in multiple verticals and know exactly what data and mail pieces work best. For one low price we manage all of the printing, mailing, data and postage. MarketTouch’s high quality data is included, based on your custom criteria, as well as an 800# Call Tracking System.

ARMs to FHA Mailer

ARMs to FHA Mailers

Focus Your Energy on Prospects Who Qualify for the New Hud-backed FHASecure Program… Our “ARMS to FHA” prospecting database targets your most likely prospects for the newly announced FHASecure program. All records in this database have origination date ranges between 2002 and 2006 and purchase amounts less than $416K, with jumbo’s excluded.

These highly responsive homeowners are in need of refinancing before their loans reset. Based on this, we have sorted this lead database by initial adjustment ranges between 2005 and 2008 and subsequent adjustment date ranges between 2006 and 2009. Criteria can be further modified to fit your individual needs.

These tested and proven mailers include full color photographs that grab the homeowner’s attention and immediately engage them in your offer to refinance. We also have several targeted letters that have been tested and re-tested to produce highly responsive results.

FHA Streamline

FHA Streamline Mailers

MarketTouch has developed a model for the FHA market that has been very successful for their current clients. Our data is complied from the county courthouses and overlaid with our statistical model and enables us to pinpoint open FHA mortgage holders that need to refinance. This list has produced extremely high results for direct mail and telemarketing.

New Purchase Mailers

New Purchase Mailers

The new purchase market is often overlooked by many mortgage companies. MarketTouch is currently changing that with its New Purchase Renter Database. This database targets renters who are great candidates for new purchase programs. We allow selections based on the number of open trade lines and income. Customizable and typical criteria options include Age, 25-55, Income $30k+, and a current or probable renter.
Reverse Mortgage Mailers

Reverse Mortgage Mailers

With market conditions changing, many mortgage brokerages are looking to reverse mortgages as a new source of income. MarketTouch’s Reverse Mortgage Database provides you with the precise leads you need to help older homeowners safely tap into the equity in their homes and take out “tax-free” cash to use for their own financial independence. Whether it’s rising health care costs, paying down debt, or just plain enjoyment of their golden years, Reverse Mortgages provide freedom of choice for seniors. Our Reverse Mortgage Mailers have the look and feel of an official offer from the FHA’s Benefit Program. They are customizable and typical criteria options include Age, 62 plus, LTV’s, 50% or lower and loan amounts greater than $100k.

Pre-foreclosure Mailers

Available as weekly or monthly hotlines, this is a courthouse compiled database of homeowners who are in default on their mortgage. Data is compiled on a daily basis and is divided into two smaller database, homeowners who have received a notice of default or a court-ordered default (LIS/NOD) and homeowners who have received notice that their residence is going to be auctioned by the county government. These are Notice of Trustee’s Sale and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NTS/NFS).

Debt Settlement Mailers

This proprietary data model uses summarized credit information to pinpoint perfect candidates for debt settlement. The database targets homeowners with $15,000 or more revolving debt, maximum trade line utilization, and credit scores ranging from 520-640.

VA Streamline Mailers

VA Streamline Mailers

Target the VA market with our highly targeted VA Mailers. Our data VA Data is complied from the county courthouses and overlaid with our statistical model and enables us to pinpoint open VA mortgage holders that need to refinance. This list has produced extremely high results for direct mail and telemarketing. Call one of our expert data consultants for a customized count.

MarketTouch Trigger Mailers

MarketTouch’s Mortgage Trigger Hotline File is comprised of new mortgage acquisition prospects WHO HAVE ALREADY APPLIED FOR A LOAN. The credit bureau evaluates their national consumer credit files with over 200 million consumers to identify only those who have applied for a mortgage loan. This national database will enable mortgage lenders to identify the latest, freshest credit-worthy prospects that have self-identified themselves to be in the market for a mortgage loan. Regional or statewide lists are available. MarketTouch’s mortgage trigger hotline file gives you the best opportunity to generate the highest quality prospects each day. MarketTouch trigger mailers reach the other 80% of the Trigger universe that are on the Do Not Call list.
Loan Modification Mailers

Loan Modification Mailers

This proprietary mortgage data model uses summarized credit information to pinpoint homeowners who are perfect candidates for loan modification. Target borrowers with LTV’s greater than 100%, declining sub prime trade history, and presence of an initial or subsequent adjustable rate mortgage reset.